In order to preserve our artistic independence, we wish since the creation of Le Balcon to produce our operas. This independence is our DNA ; but it is also a fragility in our development.

Year after year, we have the pleasure to gather around our community more and more partners, concert halls, festivals, associations, companies. Despite this, the resources to finance our performances are still limitated.

For eleven years now, the support of generous donators is essential to permit our development and growth. We thank you in advance for your support and the potential relays you could provide to that page.

If you reside in France, your donation entitles you to a tax credit up to 66% of its amount, in the limit of 20% of the taxable revenue of your household. After the payment was made, you will receive a certificate from us. During your tax return, you will report the amount of your donation on box 7UF of the cerfa 2042 RICI.

donation     →     after tax reduction

– 20 € → 7 €               – 50 € → 17 €

– 100 € → 34 €           – 200 € → 68 €

– 500 € → 170 €        – 1000 € → 340 €