Freitag aus Licht


Freitag aus Licht (1991-1994)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)

opéra en un salut, deux actes et un adieu, pour trois voix, trois instruments solistes, orchestre, chœur d’enfants, chœur, synthétiseur, douze couples de danseurs-mimes et électronique
[Vendredi de Lumière]

nouvelle production Le Balcon, Philharmonie de Paris
date prévisionnelle novembre 2022
durée approximative : 4h50

Freitag aus Licht – Vendredi de Lumière -, est le cinquième des sept opéras du compositeur Karlheinz Stockhausen réunis sous le titre Licht. Il est centré sur le  personnages de Eva, un des trois archétypes du cycle, avec Michael et Lucifer.


Freitag aus Licht – Friday from Light – is the fifth of the seven operas written by Karlheinz Stockhausen, assembled under the name LICHT. It is centered on the character of Eve, one of the three archetypes of the cycle, with Michael and Lucifer.

Salut du Vendredi | Friday’s Greeting – 1h08mn

Bande | Tape
8 enceintes | 8 loudspeakers
Sonorisateur | Sound projectionnist

Actes I & II : La Tentation du Vendredi | Freitag-Versuchung – 2h25mn

  • 1 soprano | 1 soprano
  • 1 baryton | 1 barytone
  • 1 basse | 1 bass
  • 1 flûte | 1 flute
  • 1 cor de basset | 1 bassethorn
  • 1 orchestre d’enfants | 1 children’s orchestra
  • 1 chœur d’enfants | 1 children’s choir
  • 12 couples de danseurs-mimes | 12 couples of dancer-mimes
  • Bande | Tape
  • 1 sonorisateur | 1 sound projectionnist
  • 12 hauts-parleurs | 12 loudspeakers

Adieu du Vendredi | Friday’s Farewell – 1h20mn

Bande | Tape
8 enceintes | 8 loudspeakers
Sonorisateur | Sound projectionnist

Création mondiale | World premiere
12 septembre 1996, Opéra de Leipzig

Création Le Balcon | Premiere of our version
Automne | Fall 2023

Durée totale | Total duration

Freitag aus Licht (‘Friday from Light’), day of the tempation, focuses on the interaction between two archetypes of LICHT : Eve and Lucifer, called here ‘Ludon’.

Dedicated to all children, the opera features scenes with a children orchestra (divided in two : one with european instruments, one with extra-european instruments) and a children choir.
Freitag is made of three layers : one is an electronic composition, one is an ensemble of twelve ballet scenes featuring twelve couples ; one is an ensemble of ten scenes depicting the hesitation, consent and repentence of Eve regarding Lucifer’s temptation.

Friday’s greeting

The entire foyer is immersed in huge, calmly burning candle flames. The electronic music of « Weltraum » is played in the foyer and the concert hall as well.

Act I : Friday’s Temptation I

Eve and Ludon (Lucifer) meet. Ludon proposes that she yields to his son, Caino. She is doubtful.
Soon after, she walks with her children, holding european instruments. Ludon too, with a choir of children holding african instruments and percussions. The two children ensembles play one after the other, and Ludon indicates to Eve that the children of the choir and orchestra should make music together. Eve nods her approval, and a ‘Children’s Tutti’ follows. Ludon walks to the choir and sings along.

At the second encounter between Eve and Ludon (alone), Eve accepts the yielding of Ludon’s son. They disappear.

Act II : Friday’s Temptation II

It is night. A shimmering lake reflects the moon. Eve meets Caino, and they sing a sensuous duet. Eve then departs on a boat, as a red comet shoots accross the sky, accompanied by the cry of betrayed Michael.
An atrocious children’s war begins, individual children lying, wounded here and there. As one of the ensemble seem to take over the other, the other is suddenly helped by a massive, flying rhinoceros, everyone vanishes towards distant mountains.

Eve repent, prays, and, making INORI gestures, she has a vision of Michael and, increasingly, « God’s light ».

Friday’s Farewell

As Friday’s Farewell, the electronic music is played in the foyer. The audience walks through a dense orange mist in the foyer as they leave.