Florent Derex

Executive Director, Sound Engineer

Florent Derex is a founding member of Le Balcon and creator of the B Records label. He graduated in Advanced Sound Technology from the National Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Paris (CNSMDP).

Since 2013, he has produced shows each season with Le Balcon at the Théâtre de l’Athénée in Paris. In 2015 he put on a series of joint productions with Lille Opera, the most recent being Arthur Lavandier’s opera Le premier meurtre, staged in 2016.
An expert in sound technologies as well as different types of transaural or binaural listening (3D sound), in 2014 Florent introduced to Le Balcon a team of artists involved in Binaural Listening, a collaborative research project between France Télévision, Orange, Radio France, Cnrs, IRCAM and CNSMDP.
In 2013, he created production company B media and, in 2016, set up a label for Le Balcon dedicated to audiovisual productions, distributed by Outhere. The following year, with composer Pedro Garcia-Velasquez, he set up Le Balcon Editions, dedicated to commissioning new works and arrangements initiated by Le Balcon.

Florent is currently Artist in Residence at the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet in Paris and, since 2010, at the Singer-Polignac Foundation.