Le Balcon Éditions

Le Balcon Éditions was created in 2017 to support an editorial project designed by Florent Derex and Pedro Garcia Velasquez, two of Le Balcon’s cofounders.

The scores published by Le Balcon Scores contain the arrangements that Le Balcon commissions, and many notice pages are dedicated to provide a detailed explanation of all the musical parameters that form Le Balcon’s artistic DNA: amplification of the instruments and the singers, modulable hierarchy between the instruments, bonds between music and dance, making of “sound scores” intended for sound engineers and an innovative approach of acoustic instruments.

The idea is to allow a synergy to take place between writing and interpretation, and offer a, ideal mean of expression to the composers collaborating with Le Balcon.

The overarching aim of this project is to assemble, in the long term, a true repertoire for amplified orchestra.


ISBN : 979-0-2325-2059-9