C’est déjà le matin


A ceremony conceived by Frederic Blondy, Pedro Garcia Velasquez & Arthur Lavandier

Following a rebellious night that halted the course of time, musicians from around the world converge on the Cité de la musique to celebrate the return of the light.  The orchestral castes, whose instrumental core resonates with a symphonic canopy, inhabit an acoustic space that had been long invisible.  Little by little, the instruments come back to life and ultimately sound the awakening of places lost.  “C’est déjà le matin” (“It’s morning already”) is the last phrase of Jean Genet’s Balcon : like an evocation of a mystic awakening…

Creation: January 15th, 2017, Philharmonie de Paris.

Le Balcon
Orchestre impromptu
Choeur de chambre Calligrammes

Maxime Pascal, direction
Florent Derex, sound projection

Myrtille Debièvre , stage manager
Marguerite Lantz, stage manager, performances
Kevin Briard, lighting design
Brigitte Asselineau, dance
Augustin Muller, computer music design
Nathalie Gendrot, texts
Tatiana Julien , choreographer

Marie Picaut, soprano
Safir Behloul, tenor