Symphonie Fantastique

Berlioz | Lavandier

Hector Berlioz (1903-1869)
Symphonie fantastique op. 14
Free adaptation by Arthur Lavandier (2013)

Commissioned in 2013 by Bruno Messina for the closing concert of the Berlioz Festival, this free adaptation of the Symphonie Fantastique tells the story of Le Balcon’s artistic adventure. The bonds with french composer Arthur Lavandier leads us to the key elements of our collective: instrumentation, conversation between sound and music, and between centuries of written music. This Symphonie Fantastique is a transcription, a re-orchestration and an arrangement. It tells the story of the XXIst century orchestra.

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Musical direction Maxime Pascal
Production and editorial project Florent Derex
* feat. Académie de musique de rue Tonton a faim

Le Balcon
Solo Violin, You Jung Han
Flute, Claire Luquiens
Oboe, Ye Chang Jung
Clarinet, Iris Zerdoud
Bassoon, Julien Abbes
Horn, Joël Lasry
Trombone, Mathieu Adam
Trumpet, Henri Deléger
Tuba, Émilien Courait
Alp Horn, Nicolas Chedmail
Percussions, Benoît Maurin
Timpali, Adrian Salloum
Electric guitar, Giani Caserotto
Piano, Alain Muller
Syntesizer, Sarah Kim
Violin, Valentin Broucke
Viola, Aurélie Deschamps & Andreï Malakhov
Cello, Clotilde Lacroix
Doublebass, Simon Giudicelli
Computer Music Design, Augustin Muller

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