Lauched in 2017 by Florent Derex and Pedro Garcia Velasquez, Le Balcon Éditions is meant to exist along the pieces created by Le Balcon Ensemble. The scores contain preliminary pages explaining precisely the sound amplification work to be done on each work. Our objective in the long term, is the creation of a true repertoire for amplified ensemble.


In partnership with B Media (co-execution) and Outhere Music (distribution), Le Balcon Label aims to express the ensemble’s work in a phonographic format, using the most advanced technologies of binaural and transaural listening.

3D Sound

Binaural sound, also known as 3D sound, recreates a sound space in three dimension during a headphone listening. Discover the work of Pedro Garcia Velasquez, composer, and Augustin Muller, computer music designer, using this technology for their project Lieux Perdus. You can also test online and download reverberation modules of various places “fingerprinted” by the duo.


For Le Balcon, the learning process is declined in two levels : for children and young teenagers, Le Balcon organizes school workshops, educational concerts in theaters and sound promenades.

When it comes to teenagers and young adults, we aim to integrate talented students in the artistic forces of the operas we produce in great concert halls and opera houses.